Project Principles


The following physical planning principals were established to guide the planning and preliminary programming and to serve as a touchstone in evaluating the success of the Kresge College renewal and expansion. 

Enhance the experience of the individual within the community

Improve definition of public and private spaces and programs for both strengthened social cohesion and student success.

Improve connectivity and circulation

Address issues of accessibility, sense of arrival, flow and different modes of circulation, and relationships with campus and nature.

Build upon the identity of Kresge College

Ensure a careful balance of, and vital relationships between, the founding spirit and intentions of Kresge College and changes that can ensure its vital long-term future.

Incorporate dynamic programmatic growth

Expand Kresge College and its impact on the life of the university through incorporation of new and reinvigorated social, academic, and community-reinforcing spaces.

Reinforce natural ecosystems

Incorporate beneficial relationships with the natural world at multiple scales to strengthen environmental stewardship as an essential Kresge value and experience. 

Steward the university’s resources

Apply rigorous methods of design and cost analyses to optimize the value of the university’s capital investment. 

Respond to the legacy of design through community participation

Follow a process of consultation, listening, education, transparency, and collaboration to give voice to the varied stakeholders with an interest in the future of Kresge College.