Kresge renewal project update - Oct. 30, 2019

October 30, 2019

Dear Kresge Community members,

I hope your midterms are going well. Please find below a few updates for the Kresge Renewal Project.

Construction Updates, Activities & Impacts:
(Dates and plans are fluid so they may change)

  • Contractor mobilization and survey work has begun.
  • Work time when school is in session typically will run 8 am - 4 pm, Monday - Friday. There will be noise restrictions for dead week/final week.
  • Porter/Kresge Road will be closed shortly to the public from upper Heller (new North Remote Lot 150) to Lot 143 through August 2021. This includes bicyclists and pedestrians as well. Contractor and emergency vehicles only will be allowed southbound on Porter/Kresge Road from Heller. Vehicles entering onto Porter/Kresge Road from the south can turnaround at Parking lot 143/145; the road will be closed to through-traffic north of parking lots 143/145.
  • We anticipate trailers will be brought to the site on November 18th. 
  • The next Town Hall meeting to discuss the Kresge Renewal Project is Wednesday, November 13, 6 pm - 7:30 pm in the I Lounge located across from Kresge J & K apartments.

As I get more information, I will send it your way.

If you have any questions about the Kresge Renewal Project please feel free to contact me.


Mike Yamauchi-Gleason
Senior Director - College Student Life
Porter and Kresge Colleges