Update on Kresge College renewal

October 10, 2019

Dear Kresge Community Members,

The initial site preparation has been completed. We are now in the set-up stage for Swinerton Construction company to come in and begin preparation for construction to fully begin.

Key Dates:
(Dates and plans are fluid so they may change.)


  • Work time when school is in session typically runs 8am—4pm, Monday—Friday
  • Once construction begins, Porter/Kresge Road will be closed to the public from upper Heller (near North Perimeter Lot 150) to lot 143 thru August 2021
  • Contractor traffic/emergency vehicles will be one-way southbound form Upper Heller to lot 143 through the duration of this closure
  • Pedestrian traffic from Camper park will need to use the sidewalk on Heller Drive once the Porter/Kresge Road is closed off for construction and emergency vehicles.


  • Swinerton Construction will start to bring in their trailers to be used for their on-site offices November 1. Kresge main lot 145 will be closed off to all non-construction parking.
  • Lot 143 will be partially used for a construction trailer and the remaining lot will be available for permit parking
  • Lot 147 will not be affected by the project
  • The next open Kresge Redevelopment Town Hall will be, Wednesday, November 6th, 6 pm – 7:30 pm in the I Lounge

As I get more information, I will send it your way.

If you have any questions about the Kresge Renewal Project please feel free to contact me.


Mike Yamauchi-Gleason

Senior Director – College Student Life

Porter and Kresge Colleges