Kresge bridge to be closed on Jan. 21

January 16, 2020

Dear Kresge Community Members,

I hope your quarter has started well. This is a short update.

Construction Updates, Activities and Impacts:
(Dates and plans are fluid and they may change)

The Kresge North Bridge near the Town Hall will be closed on Tuesday, January 21, starting at 7 am. Fencing will go up to block access to the bridge. The construction crew is doing electrical work behind R8 and they need controlled access to the bridge. Please use the South Bridge located near the Porter in-fill apartments and the I Lounge. If you are coming from the Kresge bus stop there is a pathway through Redwood Grove apartments that will get you to the South Bridge.

We ask that pedestrian traffic stay off of Heller Drive. The work is scheduled to last one day. Once the work is completed access to the bridge will resume.

Porter/Kresge Road – Safety Concerns: We still have some bicyclists and pedestrians using the Porter/Kresge Road from Kresge lot 145 to Heller Drive. Please stay off this section of the road. The road is closed to all non-authorized traffic 24/7.

Construction is starting to ramp up near and on this road. A water main is scheduled to start being installed along the Porter/Kresge Road next week.

If you have any questions regarding the Kresge Renewal Project please contact me.

Mike Yamauchi-Gleason
Senior Director, Kresge and Porter Colleges