Kresge renewal in full swing

January 02, 2020

I hope you all had a safe and relaxing Winter Break. Good luck with winter quarter.  The project is in full force now and here are a few updates.

Construction Updates, Activities and Impacts:  
(Dates and plans are fluid and they may change)

A fence is up behind R8 to block passage to the dirt path behind the building.  The path will be blocked until around 1/17/20.  The Construction crew are doing temporary power and fire alarm work in this area and they need to block the path off from pedestrian traffic.

The Porter/Kresge road going North from Kresge lot 145 to Heller Drive is blocked off  for construction traffic only.  No unauthorized vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians should be on this stretch of road for the duration of the project.

R7, the Triplets and the Rec room have now been taken down.  

Asbestos abatement in the Town Hall Complex is in process and the demolition of this building will begin soon.  The Town Hall Complex is the last building to come down during the first phase of construction.

The construction trailers are now on site.  They  are located in part of lot 147 next to Annex B and the I Lounge.  The remaining lot is available for regular permit parking.

Kresge Lot 143 is available for regular permit parking.  Kresge Lot 145 is currently off-line for a Physical Plant project not related to the Kresge Renewal project.  Lot 145 is anticipated to become available for regular permit parking in mid-January.

Michael Yamauchi-Gleason
Senior Director, Kresge and Porter colleges